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The Melbourne Lottery is an International Lottery available to play all over the world. It's an online lottery for everyone, everywhere, offering the chance to win bigger jackpots - along with other exciting prize tiers. The draw is once daily.

The content contained on this site only contains information about the Lottery and does not contain other information elements, if there is a slight error on our site, you can give us criticism and suggestions so that we can always develop so that both parties can enjoy it happily and safe.

Tips for gambling safely

- Gambling is a form of entertainment.

- Gambling is also a game of chance. Always make sure that the decision to play is your own decision.

- Limit capital according to how much you want to play.

- Look for existing formulas for guarantee victory.

- Determine how much time you spend, stop playing when the time is up.

- Make sure to know the rules of the game you are playing.

- Make sure that playing this gambling does not interfere with other activities in your life. Do not let it interfere with work and family.

- Make sure to always be calm when playing so that you can think clearly and the game will be calm.

Thankyou for participating

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